CASA Child Advocates San Antonio Fundraiser Event

Last night I accomplished one of my goals for exposing my life on Reality TV. After all the bad publicity that Latinos were getting, I am proud that fantastic organizations like CASA get the spotlight they need. It’s important that our country knows what a fantastic Latino community we are and how much we give back to our country.

CASA img PC Cloverbud Photography

CASA Advocates and President/CEO Marina Gonzales (Photo Courtesy of Stacey Olivares Cloverbud Photography)

We were hoping for 100 attendees and got over 200 people, plus very charitable donations.

My Dad and my brother were there to support me and that meant the world to me. 

From right to left: Jesus Farret, Fernando Peralta, Mayra Farret, and Rene Farret. (Photo Courtesy of Stacey Olivares Cloverbud Photography)

These are the kind of gifts life throws you when you are passionate. I couldn't be more flattered.

Thank you so much CASA for trusting me with this important task.