Meet Mayra

Meet Mayra

Who is Mayra Farret

When it comes to being a woman, Mayra Farret is as real as they get. Born and raised in Celaya, Guanajuato, as a young girl she had the best of both worlds: constant interaction with nature and close access to a great schooling system.

As a child, she was extremely active and continuously involved in activities like sports, cheerleading, dancing and academic competitions. At a very young age she was introduced to the wonders of traveling, and to this day, remains an addict of this wonderful hobby.
Her mother was a true advocate for education, being a teacher herself as well as a published author with a doctor’s degree from Michigan State University. Having such a strong woman as an example and being part of a family of great achievements, growing up Mayra became aware of the big shoes she would one day have to fill.

However, instead of seeing this as a burden, she saw it as something to be grateful for and a challenge to conquer. Thus, at 17, she moved to Monterrey, Nuevo León to begin her studies in finance, from which she graduated with honors from TEC de Monterrey. Throughout different stages of her life, due to her mother’s passion for education and Mayra’s growing curiosity, she attended different schools around the world, such as Yago School in London, Montrose School in Boston, Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, University of Technology in Sydney and Texas A&M University in Texas. Being exposed to the freedom and responsibility of independence as well as to so many different cultures, helped her develop a broader vision of life and to be more open, tolerant and empathetic with people, turning her into the woman she is today.

Thirsty to prove herself in the business world, as soon as she finished University she began her professional career at Sterling Fluid Systems. Later, she entered Home Depot, where she worked as an Assistant. Her proactive attitude earned her a position in the Financial Planning Department and grabbed the attention of British American Tobacco, who hunt her down and made her Financial Planning Analyst. At BAT, Mayra traveled all over the world and climbed the corporate ladder fast and effectively.

During her time in Home Depot, she met her husband, Fernando. When Fernando got allocated to San Antonio, Texas, it was the perfect moment to start a new life. What started as a radical and somewhat difficult adventure, became a true blessing and what Mayra herself calls ‘the proudest stage of her life’.
After being part of a frantic world for many years, Mayra is finally giving herself the opportunity to live a peaceful life where she focuses on being a mother, a wife, a friend and above all, herself.
She is the mother of two young boys, who she wants to raise to be strong men who contribute to the community. She practices yoga every day, which has helped her to let go of the need to control everything and be perfect. She does social work for important art, education and altruistic institutions of the San Antonio community, like McNay Art Museum, World Affair Council, ArtPace, Make a Wish, planning and decorating events. 

Being a Mexican woman living in the United States of America has being a challenge, as well as a great joy, but no matter the difficulties, she has always managed to share her Mexican values such as hard work, warmth and kindness to the people she meets along the way. Mayra feels extremely lucky to be a part of San Antonio, a city that truly values what Mexican Americans have to offer to the community and that understands that diversity is what makes a city great.
As someone trying to find balance between the beautifully hectic role of being a mother and her own self-worth, Mayra strives to be an example to women everywhere. She wants to let them know that there is no harsher stereotype than the ones they give themselves and encourages them to be kind to one another, to stop trying to reach the impossible standards society has set up for them and to enjoy each stage of their lives fully.


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